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Women's Clothing line.  Fall - winter collection.  High class Fashion.

All the designs here are originals. They were created to make every woman feel comfortable, stylish and elegant, wherever she is. Of course, everything is touched by fashion; the highest achievements in this traditional craft are taken advantage of; the 'Babini kuki' look is ever present; and the range of colours goes far beyond the traditional for this type of clothing.

The result is a rich collection of designs, which would measure up to any woman’s tastes and preference, without compromise.

Each garment is hand knit, with luxury packing, has a unique number and passport. It can never be identical to the next.

The women’s fall-winter line consists mostly of classic sweaters and blouses, with the most beautiful patterns and stitches imaginable, some of which you won’t see anywhere else. A few of them are two-colour designs - a most difficult task for the knitter.

Jackets and pullovers with a definite youth fashion style are introduced. Again, the 'Babini kuki' look, the fashionable style, the stitches and patterns are everything which would make a young woman feel beautiful.

The Exclusive line of wool sweater coats shows an artistic approach to an otherwise common piece of clothing.

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Pure cashmere sweaters - soft luxury and subtle elegance. Sensual, exquisite, enchanting, a hand knitted cashmere sweater is in a class of its own. Soft to the touch and gentle to the skin, a hand knitted cashmere sweater is luxury and finesse like no other.

New luxury line - the latest addition to the 'Babini kuki' collection, knitted with high quality Italian yarns. The designs are mostly in mohair, but we have shown some items made with merino yarn and camel hair yarn. You will see a line of sweaters, blouses, tops, outfits, skirts, dresses, and even a poncho, which are not just stylish, they will surprise you with their unique patterns and elements.

Many of the garments have different types of accessories - headbands, scarves, hats, bags. Whatever the accessory, it is always in the same pattern as the garment, enhancing its beauty...

High class fashion, exceptional items giving their owner a sense of special attention, confidence and artistic beauty.

But, we don't stop here. The women's fall-winter collection will soon be featuring even more new creations and accessories from merino, mohair, angora, alpaca, camel hair.

Galina Dacheva
Fashion Designer

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*'Babini kuki' translates into 'Granny's knitting needles'
It symbolizes the legends and traditions of a nation with over 1300 years of history

©All rights reserved 2002, 2003-2004 Babini kuki, Aristo Co Bulgaria

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