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Babini Kuki

Welcome to Babini Kuki

'Babini kuki' translates into 'Granny's knitting needles'.

It symbolizes the legends and traditions of a nation with over 1300 years of history.

Hand knitting and crochet are ancient arts handed down through the generations. Women passed the skills on to their daughters and granddaughters in order to preserve tradition. Bulgarian women are gifted with richness of soul and sense of harmony and beauty. They put all their imagination and vision into creating intricate traditional national dress, implementing a wealth of colour.

Nowadays, it would be nearly impossible to find even one Bulgarian family where this traditional art - hand knitting - hasn't been preserved.

Aristo Fashion provides Bulgarian women a way to turn their hobby into a profession. They all pass a series of tests and training. In order to work at Aristo Co, they must show not only skill, but also inner beauty and an appreciation for tradition. The best of them are given the opportunity to work at the Design studio, where they take part in developing new designs.

The process of creating a new design is a long one, many times it has to be knitted again and again until the best combination of stitches and patterns is achieved. Also, new patterns and stitches are invented, which are later used in the new designs. This is something out of reach for an amateur knitter.

Without a doubt, setting fashion trends is a very difficult task. Designer Galina Dacheva, with the help of the Design studio team, has created something unique and unconventional. It proves that anything is possible in hand knitting when you free your imagination. This magical knitted world is not only beautiful. It preserves tradition, plays on the imagination, declares a revolution in knitted fashion. It goes to prove that even though it is thousands of years old, this traditional art is ever improving. And, through all this time, hand-knitting has moved on from being a means of livelihood to being a supreme form of art,

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