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Spring summer fashion collection women's knit tops blouses

New Spring - Summer Fashion Collection hand knitted and crocheted women's tops, blouses, jackets, outfits

The women’s spring-summer collection consists of pieces designed exclusively by Designer Galina Dacheva. Each design has been developed over a long period of time and is the result of her hard work and dedication, her feel for beauty and harmony.

The spring-summer collection shows an unexpected style – bold and sexy designs, created from traditional hand-knitting and crochet techniques. The entire collection presents a message to young women to express themselves and not to be afraid to show their individuality. The patterns and materials have been chosen among hundreds of alternatives, to give each design its unique outlook.

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Hand knit spring - summer fashion has never looked so good. The colors you will see go beyond the frontiers - beginning with elegant black and white, passing through silver and gold and finishing with all the colors of the rainbow, turning individualism into a cult. And, of course, comfort and ease haven't been overlooked, they are present in every Babini kuki garment. It could be an elegant outfit; a stunning, sexy top; a classic, stylish jacket; a beautiful blouse; a fashionable skirt; with accessories or without – it's a matter of personal preference. Each design has its own charm, but they all serve one purpose – to make the person wearing them unique.

For the first time in our collections, we have crocheted items as well as hand-knits. This, in combination with great looking yarns – cotton or rayon knitted tape, makes our spring-summer fashion collection an exceptional one. At last, those who prefer the Babini kuki style can enjoy it all year round.

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*'Babini kuki' translates into 'Granny's knitting needles'
It symbolizes the legends and traditions of a nation with over 1300 years of history

©All rights reserved 2002, 2003-2004 Babini kuki, Aristo Co Bulgaria

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